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HPM App: Ambrosia by Pandora-box55 HPM App: Ambrosia by Pandora-box55

1/9/14 So with a new year another new app! yeah my progressive change her outfit every season thing didn't work out since i no longer liked the way she looked in the last app, so i think im going to keep this one for a while~ plus the updated app background, i just couldn't resist~~

So since im bored and nothing to do, i went ahead and re-did Amy's app.
whats that you say? she looks all ready and dressed for fall? ohohoh thats cuz she is. I've decided to draw her an app for each season. rather i actually follow through with it i dont know but my mind is set on it currently~



~~Yep, im gonig to try for this Pokemon harvest moon group, yep yep i sure am~ though it's the oddest mix i've ever seen i must say it intrigues me, oh well wish me luck OuO~~

Ambrosia R. Divinity (r=rees)

Name used: Amy

Age:  22

Gender: Female

Pokemon:  Vaporeon.

Height:  5’2

Bodystyle:  skinny, with gentle feminine curving.

Birthday:  April 5

Home Island:  Amusement Archipelago

Personality: /Quite/observant/blunt/caring/confident/Mellow/Quirky


Amy is just a quiet little thing, not one for speaking up much unless she’s spoken to and
or needs to. She’s not antisocial or anything but just can’t think of anything
good to say. most of her conversation starting with; Hi and nice weather we’re
having. This being said just because she’s quiet doesn’t mean she’s shy, she
has no problem asking a question if it interest her enough.


Because she’s so quiet she spends a lot of time watching people and their actions, reactions
and other little traits rather it be physical or mental. and to top it off she pretty
much as a photographic memory and can remeber the names and traits of a
person even if she only spoke to you once. making her observant skill that better.


This was one reason she was picked on when she was younger. She has a habit of pointing out
things that others maybe silently hinting at. She's a tell it like it is kinda
girl and sees no problem with this.

She’s a very caring soul, she values life and lives of others so much that she overlooks her
own health very often.  She also has this sympathetic crying thing she does.when ever someone else is hurting or is extremely happy she’ll cry for them even if they aren't, she literally inhabits their sorrows.


As a young girl she was always kind of picked on for being a little different. But she
established this confidence in herself that makes harsh words and rumors roll
off her fairly easily. Though it can still hurt her feelings, she just has this
acceptance of herself that she may mope about the meanness a moment or 2, but then move on
very easily.


Though very observant, she also has this habit of spacing out.  Because she's so quiet and in her 
own head majority of the time, she tends to go over board with pondering even the simplest details. 
Once her mind had started you really gotta speak up to get her out of it.


her lazy eyes don't mean she's sleepy, but rather that she's just really relaxed, all the time.
she hardly freaks out, but on rare cases or if your really sneaky
you can get a rise out or her but it wont last very long. Also,
her slanted eye look mixed with her blunt and quite traits,
make her come off as a bit of a snob, really she isn't, but that's the way it seems sometimes.
One other thing about her mellow look is that it can be kind of hard
to read her expression since it stays that flat almost bored expression most days.


History:  Grew up with a decent and normal life. She was born the youngest and only daughter of her parents Edith and Zeek Divinity. She has 2 older brothers, Juniper and Rye, and they both though they drove her crazy some times loved their little sister and protected her from all the other kids who tried to target her for their bullying.

They lived together in the upper part of Amusement Archipelago running a family fishing buissness. Of course being the not so athletic, getter done kinda girl, she spent most of her days with her mom learning how to cook clean and other household duties. Which she had no trouble with at all and actually found  a love for growing and dealing with flowers.

School life wasn’t quite as easy for her. Because of her quietness and bluntness a lot of kids liked to single her out and pick on her, pushing her books out of her hand and calling her names or messing with her
barrettes.  But she just didn’t seemed very phased by it, and would just pick up her things and walk off or ignore them. Eventually the bullying stopped and the other kids just left her alone either because she wouldn’t react to them or her brothers would have gotten to them. But sadly she went through school with out very many true friends. The only one she found left to another island completely in their final year of school.

When she graduated, her parents had plans of college for her like her 2nd oldest brother, and she went, leaving the islands completely, but after one quarter in it she discovered she didn’t have the need for it and missed home to much. there wasn’t anything particular that she wanted to do and only seen it as a waste of money since she wouldn’t be able to do much with it so instead she worked small part-time jobs until she finally had enough money to buy a small but abandoned shop, that had the minimum of living space on the second floor.  Her parents were nice enough to pay for most of the building expenses. leaving her to pay for things to furnish the shop, but with it so run downed she only had enough to fix the small bed room. So until she's able to get more money and upgrade it She has placed her store on the outside, using borrowed or tossed out wheel barrels and makeshift stands to hold up her merchandise. (sometimes she's take said wheel barrel around town to keep her buisness moble for the time being.)

Job: Business

Shop Name: La Floral

Stock Type:  Flowers (all kinds but her specialty are aquatic kinds); flower arrangements, perfumes,
pulpuries, flower seeds
Dog/Cat Race: Growlithe

Dog/Cat’s name:  Cadpig


A small quirky little growlithe, she was adopted by Amy shortly after she moved into her new home. This little pup loves her master immensely and enjoys flowers just as much as she does, though she can get a little to excited and roll in them which upsets Amy but the disappointment doesn’t last long as she had a hard time stay mad at her. she’s learned a trick or 2 like bringing her a bundle of flowers or shutting the door behind her or carrying a basket.

In general she’s not a aggressive growlithe, and has a love for people. But if she thinks your miss treating her master in anyway them you better be ready to deal with her. She maybe a sweet little thing, but she is a growlithe and ready to go at you with everything she has.

Cadpigs moveset: Bite, roar


·Baking (includes cooking, but is better at
·Making flower arrangements

Hobbies: Reading, swimming, drawing<--(even
if they're ugly)

Enjoys: the rain, snow, storms, walks during a clear spring night,

Fears: the Mines, sharks, spiders, spider type pokemon, Bird type pokemon, Heights


-She's slow on technology and keeping up to date with anything new and in. So while others are wearing the latest style,rocking out on ipod and talking to friends on the latest smart phone, Amy is back a few decades still fiddling with Cds and radio and using a land line to make any calls.

-has a voice a little lower tone than expected.

-has a slow sense of humor, meaning you tell her a joke and she wont get it until later, sometimes the next day.

-loves icecream

-She Hates Spider, Hates them

-She Takes her work, and any work for that matter very seriously. she even tends to put her duty over her own healthy, but never over anyone else's

-She has scales on he side of her face where her ear meets her head, as well as a few random ones the pop up ever now and then. She's super sensitive about them and will even pluck the ones that grow in random spots (much like random hairs) The scales are why she flanks her side burns area with hair.

- when  and if she realizes she may have offended someone she does spaz a little bit. Not a lot
but it’s a lot for her.

-loves to sit in the sun, go for a swim then sit in the sun again.

-does not like those extremly hot summer days. she'll go and spend the entire day in the water on those days.

- was a straight A student

-hasn’t been on a single date, thanks to her odd personality and her brothers.

-Tends to stare at people when she's observing, and isn't at all phased if they spot her.

-She does liven up quite a lot when in water or around, becoming much more playful and speaking up much more, rather it's conversations or just laughs and squeals.

-silently enjoys adventures, except for one into the mines. she doesn't like the mines.

-Enjoys fishing alot more than one would expect, but really it matches her personality 

-She's a very independent young women and will often try to do everything on her own, not wanting to bother anyone of course. Most of the time you'll have to snatch something from
her in order to let her help you.

-She very competetive when it comes down to games and such. so don't let her sleep cute face fool you, she will own you otherwise.


-helping hand
-water gun
-water absorb



Status: single
Sexuality: straight

:: is curious about love, but isn’t out searching for it.::

~~~~more gifts to be
added as she develops~~~~

:iconheartredplz:Fav gift
-magnolia perfume

:iconheartorangeplz:Love gift
& Herbs (all except weeds)
·Fish dishes (all)

:iconheartyellowplz:Like gift
·Sea shells
·Gems,  jewelry
·Baked goods
·Homemade things

:iconheartdarkgreenplz:Normal gift
·Anything not in the list below

:iconheartblueplz:Dislike gift
·Failed dishes

:iconheartpurpleplz:Hate gift

:iconheartblackplz:Horrid gift
·Red meat


I'm alwasy willing to rp, i'll be in chat alot but if you prefer notes or skype then just shoot me a message and we'll get thing straightened out OuO

Also: a pic of her
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DeathByStrawberry Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm always open for a rp! Are notes okay with you?
Pandora-box55 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
ok cool, only im a little ill at the moment. i'm not on my comp very much when i get sick, so after im all better, i'll send you a note. in which notes are fine ouo
Zooala Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
Welcome to HPM~! She is absolutely lovely, and looks like she'll be great fun to see around Raccolto. We should definitely RP sometime >w>
Pandora-box55 Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
OuO Thanks lots, i do believe im going to enjoy myself, also yes i'd love to rp ouo
Zooala Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
Shall I send you a note? Or do you prefer another method?
Pandora-box55 Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
yeah ouo, normally i'd suggest chat, but it's not letting me in b/c DA is being a jerk. So yeah when ever you wanna drop one on me ^^
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Jackalune Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh wow, she's so cute! ;u;
She's just adorable and oh my goodness Vaporeons are just so great and you can definitely see all the little water type quirks, aahh.

Welcome to HPM and congrats on getting in!!
Pandora-box55 Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
yes yes i really like Vaporeons, and i love their look so it was fun designing her clothes~~

and Thanks a bunch~ OuO
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